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Sunday, 8 April 2012

My NOW 2012!

So my birthday is few days around the corner…am so excited and readily longing and
looking forward for a fulfilling and great year in the Lord. I am making deliberate decisions to be happier; to embrace each day as it comes – both the good and the bad. Its gonna be a new year for me with new things to think about, new places to go, fresh opportunities to tap into, meaningful relationships to create, new attitudes to adopt...wohoho!! am so excited!

I am learning that however great or otherwise, the past years have been, I have to create NOW memories. Not to say that I am not thankful for how far I‘ve come…on the contrary, I am so thankful for every victory and challenge that has come my way. For every tear that I have shed and every mistake I have made, it only depicted how humanly I am. Every laughter and joys reminds me of how simple and fulfilling life can be.

In my friends and family, my placement has been sure – that am not solitary. Here I have learnt what love is all about. At the work place, am thankful for my colleagues, even the most difficult ones to deal with. Only then have I known how to relate and appreciate the fact that “no one is in my life by accident”

That notwithstanding, my focus is the present, the NOW! To work with what I have NOW, the dreams, the people, the opportunities, the simple little joys …and enjoy them NOW!!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hurray!! Lights Are Back!

This excitement in my heart makes me feel like a 9 year old Paula, who would sit with eyes tightly gazed at the ceiling; counting one…two…three until the lights would be back. It’s still good to reminisce on childhood adventures and setbacks…for sure they contribute to who we are as grown - ups.

Now, three days ago, after a pretty long day at work, I came home to a dark house. At some point I thought that probably my bulb had blown. How I wished this was true but unfortunately, I had forgotten to pay my electricity bill in good time. This means that my power supply had just been disconnected. This wasn’t a good feeling at all that I had failed to pay my bills, as it were.

Like a small girl, part of me wanted to be afraid of the dark. I then quickly thought of a better idea – to sleep it away and it sure worked! At least I got to sleep earlier that night. The following day, I sorted out the bill plus the imposed fine. In the evening, I went back home excited to enjoy the “night day-light”. But no, I was still going to use my candles and yet again sleep on some unfinished assignments.

The dawn of the darkness came so quickly and I was off to work. Later in the evening, I came home now really certain to experience change. I hurriedly opened the door and slowly extended my hand to feel the switch. Oh no! Not again! Power reconnection hadn’t happened and I knew for sure I wasn’t going to take this again. Through my persistence, power was restored!

Tonight, I can relish on the simple things life offers. I have something new to be thankful about – Lights are finally back!!